Anyone have a good rec. for a rear blinkie for night riding?

Forums Mountain Bike Forum Anyone have a good rec. for a rear blinkie for night riding?

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      I’m having a hard time finding a good tail light for night rides. I’ve tried many name brand and cheap Amazon models and they all have one or all of these issues:

      – The mounts suck. The ones that are designed to attach using a clip always end up brushed or bounced off on trail rides, and I lose them. Looking for one with an integrated strap, ie the strap or silicon band attaches directly to the light body. The Knog Beetle and Frog lights are examples of ones with ‘good’ mounts that stay attached.

      – They aren’t rechargeable. To wit: The Knog Beetle and Frog both use disposable watch batteries. 🙁

      – The ones that do have rechargeable batteries tend to have really small ones so they need constant charging. Perhaps related, I’ve had issues with the batteries no longer holding much of a charge after a few months of use.

      I’ll throw price in as another quibble with the lights I’ve shopped, though I would be willing to pay up for a light that doesn’t suck. Still, $40 for a tail light seems like a lot for such a small/simple item.

      Suggestions, or should I just treat blinkies as a disposable item?

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