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      Help. Need input for my next bike. Currently riding a 2021 Juliana Furtado which I have loved but am needing more travel. At 5’2” with a short inseam and long torso turns out I don’t have a ton of options that work well for my geometry. Rocky Mountain Slayer, Norco Sight and the Pivot Mach 6 are the only ones I can really comfortably stand over. i know for some this is not crucial but for me I feel far more comfortable when I can plant my feet wherever. I’m leaning towards the pivot but am choking on the price tag. We live in Squamish so ride a very wide variety of trails and need a do it all as much as possible. Can’t afford to have a bike for each day just yet. What opinions can folks offer here? I’ve tested the sight and don’t love the fit though I can’t pin point why. Do like the Rocky mtn fit but haven’t found the right build. The pivot was the most comfortable fit as far as the frame geometry goes and I’m testing it on the weekend. Feel free to share experiences and opinions.

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      If you really like the bike (basically a Santa Cruz 5010 with a different tune/paint job) but need more than 130 rear and 140mm front, why not replace the fork and shock for a lot less coin than a new bike? The ‘shock tunnel’ on your bike allows you to use about any shock out there. Get a fork with the travel you want. Your bike has a flip chip, adjust things to your liking. My 2 cents, anyway. Which is worth…about 2 cents.

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      Yeah, definitely upgrade the shock and fork, definitely the cheaper route.

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      My wife has your same dimensions and we had a heck of a time finding a bike with adequate standover. She needed bikes with a 680mm or lower standover. You can find this info on the geometry charts of all bikes.

      Here are some bikes that we had good luck with. Nearly all the Ibis bikes have low standover. The size-S Ripley AF and Mojo have very low standover and will probably work. The Ripmo might work? The size-S Yeti sb130 and sb140 have very low standover heights. Stay away from Trek, Santa Cruz, and Specialized as their bikes have high standover. As you have already discovered Pivot bike have low standover but are the most expensive bikes available.

      Ultimately, we bought a Yeti Beti, which is no longer made. However the SB130 and SB140 are quite similar to the Beti. The SB130 LR (Lunch Ride) which has 137r/160f travel would be the bike I would buy today. However, if you’re on a budget, the Ripley AF is an excellent bike for the money.

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