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      As a new MTBer, and an old dude, I kind of need to ask….what is the “pro” way of needing to pee when arriving at or during trail riding?

      There are trails I would like to check out, but the drive time would mean I’d have to go, so I haven’t tried those areas yet…..and am not sure how this issue is properly dealt with.

      Forgive this noob, but I need to know…..TIA

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      Find a tree in a remote area.

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        And be ready to say awkwardly hi to someone.  There’s a reason they say if you’re alone and need help in the wilderness, take a leak. Someone will be along before you’re done, no matter where you are…

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      Little giggle for a good question.

      Between hikers, drones, peddle people, hunters, and the Bigfoots it can feel like there is no place to get  alone time for such matters.

      Its wise to make sure your not on school grounds or in a playground. If your sure your not then find a tree or angle you feel is gonna keep you dry. P.s. the wind can change direction with out much warning.

      I can almost guarantee if any was does happen to “C” the “p” they will give you the time to secure your belongings. Please do so with modesty, and care of your zipper.

      Everything should be alright. We all gotta do it sooner then later.

      May your tires hum with the wind and the speed that keeps your soul free of needs.

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      Many trailheads have facilities at the parking lot. Those that don’t, you find an outta the way location and use the latrine.

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